Strong Women Strong World

What is Strong Women Strong World???

Simply put it is a FREE Facebook community that is designed to help women LEARN how to empower others, build confidence, become a successful entrepreneur, and change that mindset from I Cant to I Can!!!!

It is a wonderful group filled with wonderful women who come together to inspire, educate, and just stay connected as friendships are being built daily.

By clicking this link and joining you are agreeing by the rules listed below…………

  1. No rants ……. Rants can sometimes attract negative attention which is what this group is not about. Negativity has no place in your life as it is but especially when you are learning new ways of living it can be very harming, discouraging, and most of the time will knock you off your path. To keep the community a positive, uplifting, empowering kinda place we do not allow rants of any kind posted.
  2. No self promotion……….. I get it we are all working and trying to make a living but this is group was designed to help people not become a SPAM site.  With that said, I am also a driven badass girlboss who feels like we should UPLIFT each other, so with that concept MEMBERS will be able to post their active personal links on our Kick A** Wednesday thread that will be posted each Wednesday morning.
  3. No Solicitation/ Or posts that say PM me or I can PM you with details…….. these things are not cool at all and will warrant the comments and the member to be removed from the group.
  4. Dont be a troll……….. you know the type of person who just wants to blast people or scroll around wanting to spread their infectious ugly thoughts on to other people 😦 Like I said before the group doesnt have time for that behavior so members who display this with comments/posts/or videos will be removed.
  5. No live video……. I get it live is the new thing but it is very hard to monitor live feeds so it will not be used in the group unless by an admin. We as admins understand the level of experience that needs to be displayed at all times and use the live feed to inspire, empower, and uplift the community.
  6. Bad language is used……… I swear a lot (sorry but not really) so if a few curse words tend to ruffle your feathers then this group may not be for you.

I hope you find this community a place to find your voice, your strength, and your inner love 🙂