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Dear Diary,

When is it time to put me first???


When my body can no longer stand.

When my mind is no longer my own.

When my soul is drenched in others blame games.

Diary when is it gonna be ok for me to come first???


By me coming first I mean my decisions on what to eat, what to feel, what to do with my spare time….. when will I stand up and say ENOUGH???

Uuuuuummmmm NOW 🙂


I can no longer allow others to stop me from wanting more for myself. I am just as much to blame as them for allowing them that type of control for so long.


No more control!!!!


I am a big girl hell I AM A WOMAN and I DO know what is good for me!!!!


Diary its time to take back control over all aspects of my life and enjoy the adventure 🙂

I am ready!!!!!!!!


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Dear Diary,

Why do I feel like screaming diets dont work????

Ok maybe I am being a little over dramatic but it is so sad to see so many people buying the most expensive things (throwing their money away) on foods labeled sugar free or no sugar added 😦 

Confession Time: I actually order my groceries online right now bc I feel like in Daddy Day Care when he stomped on the cereal box but to do this to complete strangers from their buggies might land me in deep … so I order online and stay away from the grocery side at Wal-Mart altogether 😉 

Years ago I would have argued with you that this stuff was good and diets worked it was just ME. I would have told you that I just didnt have it in me to ever lose weight therefore that is why the diets didnt work… good grief talk about negativity dripping all over those opinions. I was so mislead Diary to think that all the foods I seen in the stores was healthy 😦  No wonder my blood pressure was sky rocketing!!!!

And I cant even get started in how soda (pop) has become a staple of our food industry….. try to go pick up some food somewhere and not order a damn soda you would have thought that I had just told a team of preschoolers there was no Santa!!!! Geesh…..  I really do like to drink water and no I dont feel like I am missing out on NOT drinking soda until you look at me like I have a zombie behind me then I am a little freaked out about YOUR reaction. 

But Diary to actually lose a ton of weight and not ever buy those foods has me wanting to scream to the roof tops IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!! and it doesnt have to be hard 🙂 


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Dear Diary,


I sat taking in what the doctor was saying and remembering the age my father died. I was numb, scared of the possibilities knowing that if things did not change then I was not going to be around for my grandchildren; when I have grandchildren. Diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure at the age of 30 I had ignored the doctors. My thinking was simple, logical… I was too young and they had to be wrong about taking medication. I could easily handle my blood pressure with diet. Now sitting there a few years later with this doctor telling me that I was a candidate for a heart attack if something did not change grabbed my attention like a MAC truck hitting a concrete wall. I had been stupid thinking that things were not that bad but was it too late? Was I gonna miss birthdays, grandchildren being born, and my husband’s embraces?

I left the doctor’s office with a lot of fear masked by jokes to help lighten my husband’s mood. It took everything I had not to break in front of my husband but that is not the kind of woman I am. Those few moments changed my thinking and way of life….I was going to change my lifestyle to become a healthy, vibrant woman. I started researching vitamins because the little bit I did know at that time about health was a person needed vitamins. My search ended when I found a company that sounded wonderful, which I am still a happy customer of to this day. I started on a shake regime in hopes to help my high blood pressure plus keeping track of my pressure scores each day for a month. Also I am totally watching my diet (somewhat) and not eating out a lot or drinking energy drinks (Goodbye McDonalds and Java Monsters). To my surprise my pressure went down a lot which gave me incentive to keep pushing myself to learn healthier lifestyle changes.

If I could do this in a month then what could I do about my weight in a year?

The wheels are finally turning towards healthier options instead of easier options for me…… maybe I can get down to a size 7 again:)