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Dear Diary,

I thought I was above those petty feelings… guess not 😦

For the past few months I have been religiously working out in the mornings, well this morning my beloved BOD was down 😦

Site getting a major over haul done to it which I do like by the way but Diary the upset after already waking up crabby was enough for me to get in a tailspin and act a fool. I am ashamed at myself because I really thought  I was above that anger and hatefulness. Goes to show you that as humans we are always striving to be better each day and these are my beginnings.

But unlike other days that start off this way today I did something I hadn’t done before…. I meditated and released …… releasing you make a shift happen….. you make what you want happen.

So what did I make happen???


I meditated, finished my workout, and RELEASED all that tension, frustration, and morning anger…now I feel happier 🙂


I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and gamer..... I love to write and decided to get over my fear and share my views with people. I love to connect and meet new people.

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