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Dear Diary,


I sat taking in what the doctor was saying and remembering the age my father died. I was numb, scared of the possibilities knowing that if things did not change then I was not going to be around for my grandchildren; when I have grandchildren. Diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure at the age of 30 I had ignored the doctors. My thinking was simple, logical… I was too young and they had to be wrong about taking medication. I could easily handle my blood pressure with diet. Now sitting there a few years later with this doctor telling me that I was a candidate for a heart attack if something did not change grabbed my attention like a MAC truck hitting a concrete wall. I had been stupid thinking that things were not that bad but was it too late? Was I gonna miss birthdays, grandchildren being born, and my husband’s embraces?

I left the doctor’s office with a lot of fear masked by jokes to help lighten my husband’s mood. It took everything I had not to break in front of my husband but that is not the kind of woman I am. Those few moments changed my thinking and way of life….I was going to change my lifestyle to become a healthy, vibrant woman. I started researching vitamins because the little bit I did know at that time about health was a person needed vitamins. My search ended when I found a company that sounded wonderful, which I am still a happy customer of to this day. I started on a shake regime in hopes to help my high blood pressure plus keeping track of my pressure scores each day for a month. Also I am totally watching my diet (somewhat) and not eating out a lot or drinking energy drinks (Goodbye McDonalds and Java Monsters). To my surprise my pressure went down a lot which gave me incentive to keep pushing myself to learn healthier lifestyle changes.

If I could do this in a month then what could I do about my weight in a year?

The wheels are finally turning towards healthier options instead of easier options for me…… maybe I can get down to a size 7 again:)


I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and gamer..... I love to write and decided to get over my fear and share my views with people. I love to connect and meet new people.

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